2020’s top stories from The Pitch as decided by you, our very attractive readers

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The editor’s office features many records and a Pitch dispenser that looks hella cool. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Thus ends 2020.

Good. Glad you’re dead, you stupid year. You were not beloved, and we spit on your grave.

Despite a lockdown, a revolution in the streets, and political turmoil unlike America has ever seen, we here at The Pitch plowed through, kept our heads up (mostly), and tried to cover as much of our great city as a rag-tag group of rebels possibly could.

To wrap up, we thought we’d collect some of the top stories of the year—as decided by the traffic/clicks /social media shares you pushed out into the universe. Here are the stories that KC connected to en masse. [And yeah, a couple of stories that we’re just too proud of to leave off the end-of-year wrap-up.]

So many excellent ‘Citians got lifted up in these stories this year. So many shitheels got a spotlight shone on them. So many new voices made their debut in our pages. I don’t think any of us could have foreseen just how goddamned ridiculous this whole thing would become. But here’s the abridged archive of what mattered most to you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for letting us be the lunatics in your corner.

Thank you for your support during an awful time.

Thank you for being part of the family.

See you in 2021, when absolutely nothing bad will happen and we’ll all be happy forever! [JK, but we’ll still be here for you then.]

Pitch in, and we’ll make it through.

Editor-in-Chief Brock Wilbur

Food & Drink:

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Pickled cabbage and guacamole top a house-made patty that swaps beets for beef. // Photo by Zach Bauman.

Blinding Ambition At Páros Estiatorio: The Cate Blanchett of metro Greek restaurants

The meaty politics of Pirate’s Bone Burgers’ meatless menu

A dining guide to the historic West Bottoms, a neighborhood poised to keep scaling up

Ready to escape this world? Try Humboldt, Kansas. Really.

In Memoriam: Charles Ferruzza

In the near future, what will restaurant adventures look like? Choose your own.

Five notable KC restaurants offering pay-what-you-can meals; plus unique new curbside offerings


Floydprotestsunday 91 1024x576

Black Lives Matter protesters maced back in June. // Photo by Joe Carey

Seminar on training police to kill without hesitation coming to Kansas City this December

St. Louis couple attracts national mockery for threatening protesters from the yard of their stupid, tacky house

Photos from KC Tenants protest along I-70, demanding renter and homeowner protection

The time has come to cancel ‘copaganda’ television, and it is long overdue

Longform Journalism:

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Mainstreet Drafthouse was the site of some terrible shit. // Photo by Travis Young

Projecting Innocence: Years after promised reforms, Alamo Drafthouse Theaters still breed harassment. KC is no exception.

An Oral History of The Pitch: Through highs, lows, and different kinds of highs, here’s 40 years in our own words

My dinner with Stacy Shaw: how one Never Trumper formed an unlikely friendship amid a year of upheaval

For many Kansas Citians, rooting for the Chiefs isn’t really an option. How does it evolve to a place where they all feel comfortable?

Wrestle Yr Friends is a queer Thunderdome

KC artists are being digitally erased

With KC’s sprawling CBD empire, the science is still out, but the profits are rolling in

Wax Poetic: The Secret Life of KC Vinyl

Who you gonna call? Marie Jackson’s story will haunt you

Push Start: How Kansas City creators are making indie games the world won’t fly over

My Own Cold Blood: How the Clutter murders still haunt Kansas

How inventing a pocket fought a different pandemic: AIDS

All strapped in for the great Kansas City climbing renaissance

For a surprising number of Kansas Citians, it’s all about the plants. And business is blooming.

Trying Boudoir photography on a mission to love myself

How Monster Jam fires on every cylinder and every dopamine receptor

The psychedelic pandamonium of Baby Shark Live!’

Sav Rodgers is chasing sexuality itself in a Hollywood fantasy

Allegations of misconduct swirl around Betty Rae’s Ice Cream ownership

Letter from the Editor: A series of unfortunate events

Getting lost in Graffiti Attic: KC’s newest art gallery


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Republican Tik Tok thinks “Red Kingdom” by Tech N9ne is their new hype song; we’re laughing

Why doesn’t KC control its own PD? Crime in 1939.

We made ‘Last Week Tonight’ for the second week in a row for being embarrassing; cool

Charles Foust deserts the Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools at the worst possible time

Our Loews Hotel project faces disaster after the world abandons conventions

So. WTF happened with the booing last night at Arrowhead?

The Reale Womxn’s Rally aims to host a more inclusive women’s march

KCPD’s cringeworthy “Handling Haters on Social Media” guide uncovered online

Kansas City sucks at voting. We need to get better.

The fight for racial equality has boosted Black-owned businesses, but it won’t fix their issues forever

Shawnee Mission North faces repeated calls to replace its Native American caricature mascot


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Closed park amid lockdown. // Photo by Alyssa Orr

Photos that prove KC is doing a great job staying home

Beloved local bartender Christopher “C-Wash” Washington passes away unexpectedly

Yes, you should do a 14-day quarantine after protesting

Of states without a stay-at-home order, Missouri ranks first in number of coronavirus cases

Allegations of misconduct swirl around Betty Rae’s Ice Cream ownership

Accepting your pandemic body changes is the healthiest choice possible

KC police permanently blind local dogwalker amid peaceful protest

Gov. Parson announces Missouri will allow all businesses to open with no social gathering limits

What is canceled in Kansas City and what is closed thanks to coronavirus

Who else is open in KC? Here’s a short list

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