KCPD’s cringeworthy “Handling Haters on Social Media” guide uncovered online

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Taylor Swift gonna sue someone over making her lyrics this corny. // Screenshot from KCPD presentation

A cartoonishly disconnected document has been making the rounds on the internet today: a 2018 presentation from KCPD’s Public Relations Specialist Sarah Boyd on how to handle the “haters” on social media. The slideshow is action-packed with memes, baffling design choices, and information on how to identify “haters” (commonly known as taxpaying citizens seeking justice and accountability from a public service they fund), and an instruction manual on how to politely dismiss their concerns.

This was almost assuredly never supposed to see the light of day. Oops.

The PDF is 30 pages of fairly innocuous suggestions like “ignore trolls!”, “respond minimally!”, and “tell stories of good!”, but there’s also some pretty vile stuff in there. In particular, a slide about what happens when police kill people’s dogs, punctuated with a frowny face.

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Screenshot from KCPD presentation.

The presentation also includes tips on how to handle “mentally ill” social media followers. Not only are “mentally ill followers” determined in extremely loose terms, but the presentation also suggests sending a CIT officer to a person in distress; a decision that can have dire and deadly consequences for someone having a crisis.

Obviously, the slideshow is not to blame for a police policy that we have serious issues against. But I think we can agree that the presentation leaves a bit to be desired.

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Screenshot from KCPD presentation.

In general, the presentation is also defined by its outdated and corny attitudes of the internet, and those “trolls” that, once again, actually contribute their tax dollars to the funding of KCPD.

Find the whole presentation via download here. [Update: KCPD deleted the PowerPoint. We have uploaded our backup copy.]

Of note is the title slide featuring a “Haters Monthly” magazine-style cover. Surely, this was a source of pride for KCPD public relations, created with Microsoft Word tools.

Huge “graphic design is my passion” energy—not to come off like we’re any kind of haters, mind you.

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Screenshot from KCPD presentation.

Can we all agree this is the whitest thing we’ve ever seen?

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