St. Louis couple attracts national mockery for threatening protesters from the yard of their stupid, tacky house


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Mark & Patty McCloskey threatening unarmed protestors. // Screenshot via ABC News social media video.

Over the weekend, a St. Louis couple gained national notoriety for standing in their front yard and aiming weapons at peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors. The protesters were marching towards the mayor’s home to demand her resignation, following the doxxing of protestors and a number of other recent terrible decisions.

As you can see from the video below, the protestors were completely uninterested in the couple’s home, yet they were verbally attacked and threatened with weapons by the two most frightened rich people I’ve ever seen.

The couple in question is Mark & Patty McCloskey, a pair of lawyers from the St. Louis area.

Social media spent the day dunking relentlessly on the couple, often referred to as “Ken and Karen”, which plays upon recent internet jokes assigning blank names to white people who publicly abuse their privilege and inflict it on others in bizarre, often racist, ways.

Not a great look, folks.

The house itself is a disaster of opulence, of which St. Louis Magazine has previously profiled.

Some online speaking in the couple’s defense cite that their home is in a gated community and protestors entered without permission. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply in this situation.

UPDATE: 6/29/20 at 2:44 pm.

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