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Brock Wilbur is a writer/comedian who is married to political journalist Vivian Kane and cohabitates with three terrible cats. He works in games, podcasts, and is Editor-in-Chief of Kansas City’s The Pitch. Buy his book “Postal” from Boss Fight Books wherever books are sold.


Sparta brought Wiretap Scars to recordBar in a 2002 time travel experiment

Support acts included Zeta and Geoff Rickly of Thursday with an intimate solo set.

Jim Ward of Sparta on the hurt and healing in revisiting Wiretap Scars 20 years later

Malum’s score from Samuel Laflamme is its biggest departure from 2014’s Last Shift

FX documentary sheds new light on Hillsong KC incident in 2019

Former worship leader Crystal Rose speaks up regarding racism and manipulation she faced at the local megachurch.

Zero Proof: Sampling Partake’s non-alcoholic Hefeweizen

SLAYERS X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer gives Hypnospace Outlaw the boomer shooter it deserves

If none of the words in the headline made sense to you, that's fine.

Scene hero Britt Adair’s sudden passing leaves KC music community in shock

Letter from the Editor: Animal Collective

Westport’s whiskey library Julep closes for good on Derby Day

Panic Fest 2023 was a delightful death trip in the Northland. Here were our highlights.

Dawes plunder their catalogue in sprawling multi-set evening at Liberty Hall

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes on doomscrolling ahead of their gig at Liberty Hall on April 16

‘No time to cry about it’: Grimm Tattoo open for business days after devastating fire

Grimm Tattoo on 39th destroyed by fire, launches relief fundraiser campaign

How do I get a new recycling bin/cart in Kansas City?

They roll out starting in May 2023 and they'll be delivered to you for free. Covered trash bins are.. further down the line.

Letter from the Editor: We did not assign Patrick to get this high

Panic Fest 2023 reveals killer lineup of horror features, shorts, and live events

Travis Kelce hosts the most unhinged Saturday Night Live episode in recent memory

Congrats first and foremost to Heidi Gardner for making this happen.

Letter from the Editor: Do not eat. Devour.

There’s yet another remake of Children of the Corn coming to theaters. Is the 12th time the charm?

"Nothing stays dead in the corn."

KC Melting Pot Theatre’s Fairview reflects America’s race obsession through a funhouse mirror


KCAT’s Smart People overthinks an ambitious conversation on race relations

Letter from the Editor: This must be the place

Rian Johnson’s Poker Face gives Natasha Lyonne the keys to Columbo’s whodunit kingdom

KCFCC anoints Everything Everywhere All at Once as 2022’s best film

Letter from the Editor: The salt in our stars

Eat This Now: The Drunken Worm Nacho at The Drunken Worm

The Coterie Theatre’s Jeff Church faces internal investigation after harassment allegations

Port Fonda sets sail for the hereafter, shutters Sunday night

Milking Christmas thrives in ‘understudy season’ chaos

The Leech is Christmas Eve horror where the monster is human kindness

To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre: "The holidays are other people."

Slasher cinema gets a robotic murder Claus in neon-drenched Christmas Bloody Christmas

Letter from the Editor: Seven (rock) stages of acceptance

Soccer Story mixes futball, retro gaming, and evil corporate overlords into a whimsical package

BLACKSTARKIDS on touring with The 1975, conquering Madison Square Garden, and KC homecoming show

Lookin’ through Glass Onion to see Knives Out’s best tricks in this well-earned sequel

Ted Lasso sends personalized billboards to every member of U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team

Best of KC 2022: Elizabeth Belden at KC Bier Co.

THUNDERGONG! 2022 goes live and in-person Saturday to benefit Steps of Faith foundation