Yes, you should do a 14-day quarantine after protesting


The practice of staying at home that almost our entire community has taken part in was placed on hold this past weekend as thousands took to the streets of the Country Club Plaza and downtown Kansas City to protest the murder of George Floyd and police brutality. It was a heroic display of activism in a time when only weeks before, getting together in public was the scariest thing any of us could be doing.

Following the protests, it is important to note that the threat of the coronavirus has not been eliminated just because there is an issue that has required us to mobilize. For some, this has resulted in additional exposure to the virus and potentially contracting or spreading it. Because of this, it is extremely important that anyone who attended last weekend’s protests complete a 14-day quarantine following their participation to ensure that they do not spread the virus if they have contracted it. If you must return out in public for any reason, practice social distancing and wear a mask with the same reverence you would have done in March.

It is no secret that black members of our country are suffering at a disproportionate rate from the coronavirus. This fact points to the systematic racism and racial economic inequality this weekend’s protests were centered around. In keeping with the message of the march, it is important to protect ourselves and the BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) members of our community when it comes to the virus.

As last weekend’s protests wind down, one of the best ways you can continue to support the BIPOC members of the community is by not risking spreading the virus to those who are disproportionally affected by it. In addition, the 14 days you now have in quarantine is a great time to check out resources and educate yourself on systemic racism, police brutality, and learning the stories and experiences of BIPOC.

Stay safe and healthy out there, Kansas City. Don’t stop the good fight.


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