We made ‘Last Week Tonight’ for the second week in a row for being embarrassing; cool

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Yet again this week, Missouri made “Last Week Tonight” on HBO.

In a format that he described as “a little bit different,” John Oliver dedicated his entire June 7 episode of “Last Week Tonight” to America’s current state of policing and the potential ways it can move forward in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Among Oliver’s arguments in the segment was why it should be a top priority for the country’s police departments to be defunded, an idea that has become a prominent rallying cry for protesters and activists. “Defunding the police absolutely does not mean that we eliminate all cops and succumb to the Purge,” he explained. “Instead, it’s about moving away from a narrow conception of public safety that relies on policing and punishment and investing in a community’s actual safety net — things like stable housing, mental health services, and community organizations. That is the idea behind ‘defund the police’ if you actually listened to it.”

A few minutes into the video you can see the Plaza and our police featured prominently.


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