Beloved local bartender Christopher “C-Wash” Washington passes away unexpectedly [Updated]

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The Drunken Worm crew; C-Wash on the right. // Courtesy Krown Concepts.

Update 8/1/20: Earlier today, The Pitch spoke with the Washington family and was informed on the full state of affairs leading to his passing.

Several weeks ago, Christopher was committed to a hospital in with what was assumed to be food poisoning, but he had also been exposed to a person who had tested positive for COVID-19. At this time he exhibited a number of symptoms of coronavirus, but was not tested.

Within the last week, he returned to the hospital with what seemed to be a heart attack. The final cause of death was determined to be a combination of things, including an enlarged heart and an infection in his lungs. While he tested negative for COVID-19 at this time, these issues can reflect long-term complications from previous recovery.

In a fascinating addendum, someone in Chris’ family is currently dating a member of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s family, who is known for being a high-ranking member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and world-wide respected epidemiologist. Over a phone call with the family, Fauci expressed displeasure over the handling of numerous issues by the hospital, including the failure to test Christopher during the first round of issues.

His family says that the search for answers will continue and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Details of planned remembrances will be added to this piece as plans are solidified. The piece will be updated should new details come be reported to us.

Original piece from 7/31/20:

The 39th Street community is reeling today at the news that beloved local bartender and genuinely wonderful human being Christopher Washington, 32, has passed away. The Kansas City staple was well known for his delightful demeanor and his skills as one of the mad scientists behind The Drunken Worm’s infused tequilas. He passed this morning while out of town in Iowa.

This is a tragic loss for the community, amid so many other tragic losses this year. The Drunken Worm practices social distancing and has enforced mask requirements since re-opening.

On a personal note, Christopher (known by most as “C-Wash”) was one of my best friends. But this statement can be honestly stated by almost everyone who knew him. He was the kind of guy who never seemed to have a bad day in his entire life. He was always there for everyone who entered his world, and more importantly, he was genuinely and actively invested in every detail of his friends’ lives.

If you met him once, you never forgot him, or his smile.

This shocking development still feels like it is somehow going to be undone; as if someone is going to call us and say “Sorry, this was a stupid joke that went awry.” But that call isn’t coming.

At a makeshift wake held this afternoon, a sense of disbelief seemed to permeate the room. Some sobbed, but others were simply stonefaced because it was impossible to believe that this situation was real.

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The start of this afternoon’s makeshift memorial at The Worm. // Photo by Brock Wilbur.

“We are all devastated,” said Dane Haller of Krown Concepts. “We have always been a tight family. We lost part of our family.”

In our Best of KC competition, it seemed like he might be on track to win Best Bartender this year. He still has my personal vote.

Information on remembrances and a funeral will be included in this article when we have that information.

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