Westport’s whiskey library Julep closes for good on Derby Day

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Derby Day opening for Julep in 2014.

After nearly a decade in operation, Westport’s own craft cocktail hub and whiskey library Julep is set to shutter. Derby Day, May 6, will be the last time you can swing through the doors at 4141 Pennsylvania Ave. and enjoy a bourbon concoction alongside one of the metro’s best deviled eggs.

Partners Beau Williams and Keely Edgington opened Julep in 2014, and they’ve been selected best craft cocktail in The Pitch’s Best Of multiple times since. But the time has come for all involved to move on to new adventures, according to posts on the bar’s social media pages:

After 9 long and incredibly fun years, we’ve decided it’s time to set sail for new adventures. Julep’s last day will be Derby Day, Saturday May 6. We hope you come by one last time for a dram or perhaps a Nellie Bly to send us off in style. We thank you KC for a great run and perhaps we’ll be back again one day.

Cheers to you all,
Keely and Beau

At The Pitch, we’ll miss their holiday pop-ups and remember them for their bartenders and rising food stars. We’ve enjoyed covering them since the doors first opened and we can’t wait to see what comes next for all involved.

Back in 2014, we had this to say about their opening:

Julep doesn’t serve draft beer and stocks only Boulevard bottles ($5 – $6). Yes, the bar sells scotch that costs $125 a glass, but you can get $2 cans of Hamm’s and PBR, too. There are also shot-and-beer deals, like the Ozark Justice (a can of Coors banquet beer and a shot of Slow & Low Rock and Rye, $7). Julep is a little like Harry’s Bar & Tables (or even Harry’s Country Club) in that regard: classy but not snooty, comfortable, a place for adults. Williams says that’s been the plan all along.

“I really like that we have a guy with a wadded-up $5 bill ordering an Old Style at one end of the bar and a guy paying with a black AmEx on the other,” he says. “That’s the kind of eclectic crowd we wanted when we first started talking about this bar, and so far, that’s what we’re getting.”

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