Manifesto’s Beau Williams and wife Keely Edgington make a Julep

  • Keely Edgington and Beau Williams will open a new bar, Julep, in Westport next March.

Beau Williams is such a talented bartender that he can create both a classic Southern mint julep and a mocktail version for nondrinkers like me (who used to love juleps, in a different time and place). “I use a sweet, minty iced tea,” he says. “It’s not as good as the whiskey version, but the taste is pretty close.”

Mocktails have their time and place, but good whiskey is going to be the lure when Williams and his wife, Keely Edgington, open Julep next March. With the 1,000-square-foot saloon at 4141 Pennsylvania, the couple are building an extension of their cocktail-centered catering company, Hawthorne and Julep. (The name comes from the two kinds of metal strainers that every well-stocked bar requires.)

Which means Williams is going to retire from Manifesto.

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