Creature Feature: Coralie and Elwood are energetic pets who want your attention


Elwood loves to talk. // Courtesy of KCPP

We teamed up with KC Pet Project to host a weekly “creature feature” on loveable and adoptable animals here in the KC Metro. This week, KCPP is happy to feature Coralie, a 2-year-old pit bull, and Elwood, a 3-year-old domestic shorthair. Both furry friends currently reside at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care, at 7077 Elmwood Avenue, where you can adopt them.

Coralie has been at the shelter since July 31. The first thing you notice about Coralie, besides her stunning golden eyes, is her ears. They are just as floppy and goofy as her personality. She often gets the zoomies when entering the play yards but then quickly calms down and becomes the best cuddle buddy.

Elwood is a sweet cat that likes to talk. He came in with an injured leg, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting attention from everyone he meets. He tends to become fast friends with everyone and is looking for a loving home with plenty of sunlight to take naps in. Elwood has been at KCPP since August 13.


Coralie a goofy dog who loves to play. // Courtesy KCPP

Coralie and Elwood are just some of the many animals in need of adoption at KC Pet Project. There are still other featured creatures that still need adopting as well. Splat will be the cutest running buddy you’ll ever have.  Tigeress is the perfect pet for cat lovers and nap connoisseurs. Basil is a happy-go-lucky dog who loves going on walks and Mimir the Wise is a lap cat whose love language is affection. Leyla is a quiet and gentle soul who warms up quickly to friends she meets. If you’re looking for a curious cat with hypnotizing eyes, Baby Shark is the pet for you. Michelle Mylett is a cat who wants to lounge around, whereas Wilson is a dog who could play fetch all day.

The shelter is currently at capacity and is in need of adopters and pet foster parents. If these aren’t the pets for you, check out KCPP’s current adoptable pets.

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