Creature Feature: Someone please adopt puppy Basil and/or kitten-wizard Mimir the Wise


Basil will be your enthusiastic playmate.// Courtesy KCPP

We teamed up with KC Pet Project to host a weekly “creature feature” on loveable and adoptable animals here in the KC Metro. This week’s local Adopt an Animal features Basil, a 3-year-old Pit Bull, and Mimir the Wise, a 12-year-old Domestic Shorthair.

Basil resides at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care at 7077 Elmwood Avenue, where you can adopt him. He’s been there since July 4, 2021. Basil is a happy-go-lucky dog who is ready to leave the stress of the shelter. He is energetic and loves going on walks—the longer the better. He would do great in a home with an active family.


Mimir the Wise wants to be your cuddle buddy.// Courtesy KCPP

Mimir the Wise also resides at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care. He’s been there since May 9, 2021. Mimir the Wise is a calm cat that would love to live out his golden years in a home with other cats and humans that want a lap cat. His love language is affection and his favorite place to hang out is where he can look out the window.

Basil and Mimir the Wise are some of the many animals in need of adoption at KC Pet Project. The shelter is currently at capacity and is in need of adopters and pet foster parents. If Basil or Mimir the Wise don’t match your energy, check out KCPP’s current adoptable pets.

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