The Pitch’s Liz Cook is up for a major award for do writing good

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Earlier today, the Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) announced that, in the category of best restaurant criticism, our own Liz Cook is being considered for the award this year. This should come as a shock to no one, as Liz is so goddamned good at her job we are often just sitting around, re-reading her work.

Which you should read. There’s many Liz Cook pieces. We love to publish Liz Cook. Because she’s the sort of person that should win writing awards. For writing so good. At food words.

Sorry for the victory lap here, we’re just wildly proud of her and as one of our favorite people in the world, we hope she wins.

She also has a blog where she works through WILD recipes from a Congressional Cookbook from the 1980s, alongside her husband. Every entry is a delight.

Congrats bb!!!!!!!

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