With more Screen Time podcast inbound, a look back at the top 5 episodes of KC Top 5

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As host of the new Screen Time movie podcast for The Pitch, I’m Patrick Moore and I’m thrilled to be launching this new slice of joy for the publication’s audience. You probably know me from writing about incredibly awful experiences on drugs, or from being the resident film critic on Great Day KC over at Fox 4. But I’m much funnier in pod form, as my editors can assure you, so I’m delighted that I can bring you this exclusive roundtable of Pitch writers weekly arguing over the silver screen.

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Last year, I ran a show for us called KC Top 5, wherein a panel of guests would join me to discuss our personal top 5 picks for the best of our city, in different categories. With much more Screen Time inbound, I thought I’d recap my personal top 5 episodes of the now-deceased KC Top 5 podcast.

5. Top 5 Best BBQ Spots

BBQ is always a fun and decisive topic in KC. But this was a really fun episode with two of my best buddies. I lived with Zach in LA and I met Hartzell at a comedy show I was doing when he was just an intern for a radio station. Spoilers: Hartzell and I are right. Gates is the best.

4. Top 5 Famous People from KC

Wes Van Horn is the funniest person I’ve ever met and Jeremy Danner is Mr. Kansas City. How could this go wrong?

3. Top 5 Tacos

W. David Keith hosts a local taco podcast so it’s no surprise that he really brought it. My guy made multiple charts for our dumb little show. Again, multiple charts. It was only an incredible bonus that we were joined by Katie Camlin, one of my favorite returning guests, who does very cool things for KC Bier Co.

2. Top 5 QuikTrip Items

We love QT here. Even though they’re from Oklahoma, we claim them as ours. Danner is a QuikTrip expert, which is why he had to come back. And Ben Wendt isn’t just the co-owner of The Rino and the frontman of The Way Way Back, he’s also the sweetest and nicest dude who has a very fun QT family tradition—something all families should aspire to.

1. Top 5 Burgers

Liz Cook is the best. She and Sari Lowenstein really give great and well-thought-out recommendations. Unlike mine. But again: Liz. Hard #1.

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