New weekly Pitch podcast Screen Time lets our film writers run wild

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Some personal news:

The Pitch has a new weekly podcast, called Screen Time, where we talk movies, TV, games, and all other entertainment.. screen-based. You get it, we all get it. The title is fun.

Presented by Fresh Karma, this is a new extension of the publication, where a rotating set of hosts from our film and culture departments will get to tackle the latest in the best and worst of what’s out there for ya. The initial sets of panelists and hosts include all the names you’ve come to know and love here at The Pitch—but will also be tagging in illustrious guests from the film and TV critic community at large.

One of the biggest drawbacks of having such an extensive team of voices in our culture arm is that we can only publish one review of each film we catch in critic previews, but we often have wildly different opinions. Screen Time is a chance for you to take part in one of our favorite parts of the job: having long rambling squabbles over whether a new film is an instant classic or horrific garbage meant for the wasteland of cinema.

For the inaugural episode, we’ve got a fun wacky time. Brock, Adrian, and Patrick review Top Gun: Maverick and The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Some recommendations bounce across the board, and we narrowly escape a 30-minute deviation into a discussion of Scream 3—as no one wanted to see this episode become Scream Time.

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This show is produced by Patrick Moore.

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