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Brock Wilbur is a writer/comedian who is married to political journalist Vivian Kane and cohabitates with three terrible cats. He works in games, podcasts, and is Editor-in-Chief of Kansas City’s The Pitch. Buy his book “Postal” from Boss Fight Books wherever books are sold.


Streetwise podcast talks political strongholds; salutes the city with David Luther's KC anthem

Two years after the incident, a Westport sexual assault case still lingers in traffic court

A Nightmare Wakes gives Mary Shelly's life a reanimation

Loud Light Kansas politics wrap-up: sports betting, transgender rights, and remembering Senator Estes

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#SaveOurStages weirdo fundraiser anthology book available now

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The Kid Detective is a painfully funny exploration of Gifted Kid Syndrome

"No matter how simple a case may seem, it's shocking what you can find."

[Updated] Boulevard Brewing Co. becomes lightning rod for criticism following tepid response to sexual harassment allegations

Psycho Goreman is Calvin & Hobbes with 3000% more decapitations

"The gem has been taken by two mindless meat-children."

Streetwise podcast gets its astrological chart; blacks out to Mensa Deathsquad

Hunted is a revenge film that reminds us a "company of wolves is better than that of men"

Horror comedy Bloody Hell has copious amounts of both

Streetwise podcast tackles steampunk dinosaurs; bops to Approach

Horror staple Panic Fest returns this April

KC Library hosts week of online panel discussions regarding the future of local dining

Online roundtables will be hosted by The Pitch's own Liz Cook

Streetwise podcast vibes to Lily B Moonflower; lifts the heaviest of weights with Ehren Schwarz

Internship nightmare crawler Going Under is a darkly empowering adventure

Get your place in line for the COVID-19 vaccine in Jackson County right now

Letter from the Editor: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? Duh. Obviously.

Exit Music (For A Year)

'Disney on Ice' comes to T-Mobile Center for a run of 16 mid-pandemic, indoor shows [Updated]

KC Public Library announces "Whenever Book Club" for those of us who want a book club, but are bad at doing a book club

Pro skateboarder Sean Malto returns to KC for a tribute video series

KC Women's soccer team announces roster; this is really happening ahhhh!!

Reminder: Trash no-tag week in effect through Dec. 31

2020's top stories from The Pitch as decided by you, our very attractive readers

White Lie is a Shakespearian tragedy spreading from a cancerous protagonist

Craft Brewers Guild bands together for 'Missouri Loves Company' benefit IPA

Wham! Comics' 'The Indoor Snowman' examines distanced winter wonderlands

Kansas prisons have some of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the country

More than 5,000 inmates and 975 prison staff have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Boulevard Beer's curbside hand-off for booze and merch is the perfect last-minute gift solution

City of Kansas City approves Missouri's first LGBTQ+ commission to advise on diversity and representation matters

Streetwise podcast gossips with Katie Camlin, explores KC's Black Vegan scene, and chats God with Bill Tammeus

Streetwise podcast chases Hanukkah, blasts Billy Goat, and talks SWAT with showrunner Aaron Rahsaan Thomas