Your personality as a beer

Just as dogs are hairy reflections of their owners, a new theory suggests that the beer you drink (or don’t drink) may be a window into your personality.

Advertising Age reports that Mindset Media, a market research firm that specializes in psychographics (the study of people’s attitudes and behavior in relation to their purchasing decisions) interviewed more than 2,600 people in August and September in an attempt to learn what someone’s choice of beer might say about them:

For instance, people who prefer domestic beers over craft beers or imports are generally middle of the road in their politics. They’re not nearly as conservative as people who don’t drink beer at all, but not as liberal as people who prefer more exotic beer.

Advertising Age profiles drinkers of six beers — Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Corona, Heineken and Blue Moon — and comments on craft beer drinkers and those who abstain from beer. 

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