Where was I eating? Here!

Were the gherkins the giveaway clue?

​Who would have thought a simple turkey sandwich could inspire so many responses?

Correct responses, mostly. Yes, the answer to this week’s “Where am I Eating?” question is Eddie Delahunt’s Cafe & at 4448 Bell Street. An Irish coffee-flavored shout-out to Karen Geary, Kristin, James and Bill, who guessed correctly.

Another Fat City fan e-mailed me to find out more about the infamous 1985 murder that took place in front of this building, back when it was still the short-lived restaurant called The Painted Lady.

The good news is that vibrant, good-natured Irish musical artist and bon vivant Eddie Delahunt has long swept away any lingering negative spirits. But tales of the murder-suicide continue to haunt the neighborhood.

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