The world’s most expensive cannoli on display at Jasper’s Restaurant

  • James Ferris Photography
  • A gilded cannoli, priced at slightly over $26,000, is on display at Jasper’s Restaurant

Chef and restaurateur Jasper Mirabile Jr. is determined to make September “National Cannoli Month.” (It’s already National Biscuit Month, National Honey Month, National Chicken Month and National Mushroom Month). Mirabile, who is in the process of writing a new book, On the Cannoli Trail, about his search for the perfect cannoli, is exhibiting an elaborate and expensive cannoli creation at Jasper’s Restaurant through September.

The edible cannoli — it’s a cannoli cake, really — is covered with edible, but real gold leaf and was created by baker Carey Iennaccaro of Overland Park-based Sprinkled With Sugar. The item that really bumps up the price is a $26,000 diamond necklace that comes with the pastry: an Italian necklace owned by jeweler Tom Tivol.

The actual price of the cannoli cake is $26,010. The pastry is currently on display at the restaurant, but the Mirabile family is now keeping the diamond necklace under lock and key: “Our insurance company said we can either build a secure glass case for the cannoli,” Jasper Mirabile Jr. says, “or lock up the diamonds.”

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