The new issue of The Pitch is available in print across the city, or you can read it online right now

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Our issue cover. // Art by CHURCH.

To read the issue just click here.

We’re old school. We like the feel of paper. We like putting out a magazine that you can touch and carry with you into your life. It feels real. It feels real in a way that online never does. We also happen to think our publication looks very pretty and has all the Good Colors and it makes you look cultured and worldly when guests see it in your bathroom.

This is also a time where some might not be so keen on the tactile feeling of any surface. We absolutely get that.

Today you can find copies of the April issue of The Pitch being dropped off all across the city. Well, mostly. You probably won’t find it in the bars and restaurants that you used to go to. Because of the Thing We Don’t Name. But it is out there.

If you’d prefer to read it from the comfort of home, we’ve made this month’s issue available online much, much earlier than we normally would.

We’ve already published my Letter From The Editor column online this morning. It details a pretty bleak hospital stay I had at the beginning of March. I had no idea that it would be the precursor to all the nonsense happening now. All I wanted to do was to leave that place and come home. So. Now that I’m trapped in my home, I have an oddly optimistic perspective that I don’t think I would have had, without going through Some Hell. It was also written in the middle of the month, before we knew how far this would go. Oof.

So we’re going to keep publishing. With your help. We think we’re an essential part of the community, but also so many of our normal advertisers are currently shuttered, we’re basically in the same boat as so many others. If you want to donate to us via the buttons all over the page, or buy this awesome coloring book we put out, every dollar helps contribute to keeping this 40-year-old institution alive.

To read the issue just click here. We hope you enjoy our 4/20 issue, back from a time when your dealer didn’t have to leave it on your doorstep.

Also how great is this cover art, from local street artist CHURCH:

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Church’s spray-painted cover. We’re keeping it for the office. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

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