Percheron presents the first safe cocktail experience of the summer

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Is it safe to have an outdoor cocktail? At Percheron, it just might be.

The Crossroads Hotel bar reopened earlier in June, and the rooftop bar is busy—but not too busy. All servers wear masks now, surfaces are wiped down frequently, the seating has been parsed down to accommodate for six feet of distancing, and reservations are booked in 90 min windows. Once seated at a table, you can take your mask off to enjoy a beverage—or a bite from Lulu’s from across the street, a new partnership the hotel is trying out this summer. Plus, the way you signal another round is by putting your mask back on.

The measures were enough for me to try my first COVID cocktail.

I’ve been staying home-bound during the months of our oh-so-familiar pandemic. Even grocery store trips would push me to a panic: I’m talking hyper ventilating in aisle three, y’all. But the last few weeks I’ve been trying to balance my fears with a safe level of socializing. Even my anxious people need to see friendly faces. Remember folks, we’re still in a pandemic. Wear your damn mask.

Percheron was a pre-pandemic favorite of mine. The rooftop location has a charming view of downtown Kansas City, and the drinks are sweetly superb. Plus, they just put out a fresh summer drinks menu.

This time around, I ordered the My Paloma, a mix of Reposado Tequila El Espolón, grapefruit, soda, lime, and agave for $13. It was light and refreshing, with a citrus kick that sings summer patios almost loud enough to transport you to another time where social distancing was just a way to describe avoiding misogynistic men at the bar.

Img 4256 1Round two was the Red & Yellow, a mix of Son’s of Erin Irish Whiskey, amaretto, St. George Spice Pear, pineapple orange juice, orgeat, and grenadine for $13. The whiskey and orgeat gave the drink a rich base, but my sweet-lovin’ heart really fell for, you guessed it, more citrus from the pineapple orange juice.

I’m no food and drink critic, you’ll have to look to Liz Cook or April Fleming for that. But what I can say is this: Sipping a sweet cocktail outdoors on a sunny day was one of the healthiest things I’ve done all quarantine. It made me feel some semblance of normal, a feeling I’ve been desperately searching for. And didn’t make me feel unsafe; with all the new precautions in place, I felt comfortable slathering on hand sanitizer and pulling my mask down between sips.

I’m not saying a patio drink will solve everything, but what I am saying is it can’t hurt. As long as you take precautions and follow the rules, that summer cocktail isn’t out of reach. Just remember to tip your server.

Percheron is open Friday and Saturday, 4 p.m. – midnight. Capacity is limited and reservations are required.

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