Mayor Quinton Lucas extends mask order indefinitely

Mayorq Portrait1

Mayor Quinton Lucas official photo. // Courtesy City Hall.

Kansas City, MO mayor Quinton Lucas has extended the mask order indefinitely as of Friday morning.

The order, which went into effect June 29th, mandated that all employees and patrons of indoor public spaces must wear a face-covering where maintaining six feet of distance between themselves and others is not possible. “We certainly encourage you to wear masks in more situations,” Lucas said.

This order falls in line with Kansas City’s state of emergency, which is set to expire on August 15th. If the state of emergency is not extended past that date, the mask ordinance will expire then as well. However, if the state of emergency continues, the mask order will follow suit.

When the original mask mandate was announced, we suspected it may be extended and are happy to comply to keep our community safe.

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