R.I.P. to radio station The Buzz as we knew ye

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The social media switch came overnight. // Screengrab with social media

After the announcement last week that radio personality Jordin Silver had been axed from The Buzz amid budget cuts, the metro wakes this morning to discover that the channel no longer exists in its previous form.

As information is starting to come in, it seems that the entire station has undertaken a rebranding. All social media accounts now list the station as simply “Alt 96.5.”

Early reports from RadioInsight indicate that amid the mass lay-offs, there will be a number of syndicated shows spreading to fill regional gaps.

KRBZ rebranded after Entercom initiated airstaff cuts at their country and alternative formatted stations nationwide. KRBZ will air Stryker & Klein from sister KROQ Los Angeles for mornings, and Kevan Kenney from WNYL New York City for nights. “The Church of Lazlo” will remain in the afternoons, and will be syndicated to sister stations in Dallas and Las Vegas.

This will be updated if we learn of further shows/hosts that have been released or kept.

KC responds to the massive shift, with a mix of pleasant send-offs and concerns about what we’ve lost.



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