Matt Shatto purchases Betty Rae’s Ice Cream from owner Alec Rodgers

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A scoop of Brown Butter Pecan at Betty Rae’s. // Photo by April Flemming

Matt Shatto (Vice President of Shatto Milk) is personally assuming ownership of the rapidly growing Betty Rae’s Ice Cream parlors, which includes the two shops in Waldo and the River Market as well as the Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Truck. 

Betty Rae’s opened in Waldo back in 2016 and Rodgers, the former front-of-house manager, purchased the company two years ago when the company was in trouble after the former owner was exposed for misconduct. After purchasing the company, Rodgers sought to grow the business that he loved and knew that if he would sell the company he would need someone with local experience who had the same passion for the company as he does. 

Rodgers never planned to own the company long-term. This sale comes after Rodgers got the company on more solid ground and realigned it with its core value of high-quality ice cream. 

Betty Rae’s is still going to offer its signature flavors and Shatto only has plans to expand the business. All employees that are currently at Betty Rae’s will stay and Shatto plans to open more locations across the region and make the product more accessible at grocery stores, restaurants, and making the ice cream truck available for neighborhood, corporate, and family events. 

Does this mean that the Chiefs’ celebratory red velvet milk could become a permanent ice cream flavor fixture? We don’t know, but by writing it in this article we hope to manifest it.

To make the transition easier, Rodgers will remain at Betty Rae’s for the foreseeable future. Betty Rae’s will continue to serve its core 26 house-made flavors, from core classics to fun and collaborative seasonal treats. 

Story will be updated with comment from Matt Shatto when available.

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