Eat This Now: Anything from Betty Rae’s


A scoop of Brown Butter Pecan at Betty Rae’s. // Photo by April Flemming

Buried in the tidal wave of 2020’s terrible news was the fact that Kansas City had lost Betty Rae’s Ice Cream. Conflict between the store’s ownership and its staff had made the beloved shop’s future impossible. The whole story was a giant, disappointing turd in an ocean of giant turds. (This tale of woe is too complex to dive into here, but check out our coverage at

Unlike almost anyone else in 2020, this story had a legitimately happy ending. In the case of Betty Rae’s, a group of former staff organized to buy the business, rescuing it for anyone who likes a scoop. Or an ice cream sandwich. Or a boozy shake. In the past handful of weeks, Betty Rae’s has reopened both of its locations (one in City Market and the original location on Wornall), with a recognizable menu, many of its former employees, and a clean slate.

So go to Betty Rae’s and get your favorite scoop. Maybe you like the novelty stuff: Joe’s Burnt Ends in ice cream form, Cereal and Milk, or some Hatch Green Chile Chocolate. We go for the old-fashioned Brown Butter Pecan. Betty Rae’s has perfected the texture and flavor here: it’s dense, creamy, smooth, sweet, crunchy, caramel-y. It’s a perfect scoop of ice cream, and we’re grateful that it’s back.

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