KC Women’s soccer team announces roster; this is really happening ahhhh!!

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There’s merch now. That makes it real. // Courtesy KC WoSo Store

A spot of KC’s brightest sports news in 2020 has been the announcement of women’s soccer returning to the metro. Between the Olympic team’s success and the sport making one of the few safe returns during coronavirus, fandom has boomed and our city has long been longing for a club to call our own.

Women’s soccer comes back to Kansas City, in the form of a transfer of the Utah Royals team, under the ownership of Angie and Chris Long. The team will start playing in the spring.

The last week has seen a slew of roster announcements, totaling up to a current count of 26 players. Brittany Matthews and six other players were part of FC Kansas City, before the team was relocated to Salt Lake. We’re thrilled for their return.

Other lineup highlights include goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart from the World Cup team and powerhouse Amy Rodriguez.

Ahhhhhh! It’s happening. It’s really happening.

There’s a line of merch out now, which is how you know that something is for real for real. We’re def going to grab the “It Begins” shirt. Big fans of sports apparel before the team has even been named.

Spring can’t come soon enough.

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