Kansas City’s best eggs Benedict

Eggs-actly the right dish

​One of the most popular brunch dishes is the eggs Benedict, which the Food Lover’s Companion describes as “two toasted English muffin halves, each topped with a slice of Canadian bacon or ham, a poached egg and a dollop of Hollandaise.”

The dish was clearly the inspiration for the fat-laden fast-food favorite Egg McMuffin, which is as different from a classic eggs Benedict as actress Tara Reid is from Meryl Streep.

There’s some debate as to whether eggs Benedict is an American or a French innovation: A French dish known as oeufs benedictine is a puree of salt cod and potatoes spooned over bread fried in butter, topped with a poached egg and dotted with Hollandaise. But most purists prefer one of the two American claims to the dish.

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