Kansas City Symphony releases new podcast

Beethoven Walks Into A Bar Version 1 Final

Photo by Jeff Curnow

The Kansas City Symphony released the first episode of its new podcast called “Beethoven Walks into a Bar…

The podcast features three hosts from the Symphony family: David T. Beals III Associate Conductor Jason Seber, Principal Flute Michael Gordon and Education Manager Stephanie Brimhall. Moving forward, they plan to invite guests to join in as well.

“I’ve long thought these three would make a fantastic podcast,” says Executive Director Danny Beckley. “They’re passionate about music, engaging and fun. If Beethoven were alive today and wanted to talk about music with his friends at the pub, I’m sure he’d have a great time with these folks. The hope is our new podcast will be a fun way to talk about music and bring a little joy into your day. This is one of several new ventures we are starting in light of the current situation.”

The first episode is available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play,  Spotify and Stitcher. The podcast is free. Cartoonist Jeff Curnow, who is also assistant principal trumpet in the Philadelphia Orchestra, created the cover art.

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