‘Disney on Ice’ comes to T-Mobile Center for a run of 16 mid-pandemic, indoor shows [Updated]

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[Updated: 12:33 p.m. with statement from Councilperson Eric Bunch.]

Today in News We Would Be Fine Without, the T-Mobile Center announced that they will be hosting performances from Disney on Ice. Yes, mid-pandemic—as hospitals and ICUs in the metro are at capacity, and as our numbers continue to spike—you and the whole family can pack into a stadium to watch Donald Duck fall on his butt.

We miss live events as much as anyone, and have a huge appreciation for live family shows, but c’mon guys.

The Dream Big themed show is set for 16 performances from Jan. 28–Feb. 7. These would be the first T-Mobile Center events since… well, they’re the first-ever events under the new name and bright pink rebrand. The last Sprint Center event was the Big 12 Tournament in early March, which was cancelled mid-event as the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 had reached pandemic levels. Yes, we were in the building waiting for the games to start, and yes, we’re still super bummed about it.

Seating capacity will be reduced in accordance with guidelines from local public health officials including utilizing a pod seating structure—the same system currently used at Arrowhead. As an additional precaution, masks are required for guests ages 2 and older at all times in the arena, except when actively eating or drinking in their seats, unless otherwise exempted by law. No costumes for guests 14 and older.

That said, the show has apparently not even applied for an exemption permit to current citywide limitations. This from Councilperson Eric Bunch:

And the show certainly looks like it would be worth all the risks.

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You love to see it.

The Dream Big show summary is as follows:

“Believing is just the beginning at Disney On Ice presents Dream Big. Miguel aspires to be a musician and journeys through the Land of the Dead to unlock his family’s history. Moana and Maui bravely restore the stolen heart of Te Fiti, Anna and Elsa save their kingdom and the Disney Princesses inspire with stories of strength, determination and kindness. Share every magical moment filled with breathtaking ice skating and beloved Disney songs and stories that give everyone a reason to believe!”

Perhaps this isn’t the time to use “breathtaking” in your press release.

Perhaps everyone should have “a reason to believe” in something else.

Perhaps this would be a time to Dream Smaller.

But it is a free country and you’re certainly allowed to drag the whole family into a mass of other people, because we understand that mental health may be vastly improved by seeing all your favorite characters from The Princess and the Frog zip around on cold water.

Tickets are available here, for some reason.

Who among us could believe that a global entertainment conglomerate currently laying-off 32,000 employees while forcing amusement parks to remain open might not have our health or safety in mind? Anyway, here’s the video preview, including some absolutely nightmarish abominations.

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