Clark’s American Caribbean Restaurant opens March 1

  • Chef Joseph Clark and sous chef Crystal Cherry Powell are ready to start cooking.

The last time that Fat City spoke with chef Joseph Clark, the restaurateur was hoping that the midtown restaurant he’s opening with his father, Dr. Granville Clark, and brother Robert Clark would be open in January. Joseph Clark now says he’s got a drop-dead date for Clark’s American Caribbean Restaurant: March 1.

“We’re just waiting for our final approval from the Health Department,” says Joseph Clark, who moved back to his hometown a year ago from Atlanta (where he was working as a personal chef) to open the new business with his family.

The Clarks had their work cut out for them after signing the lease for the space at 3623 Broadway early last year. The location had been a restaurant for many decades, ranging from Sidney’s Diner as far back as the 1950s to Chubby’s in the 1970s and, more recently, New Tandoor Cafe and Royal Kabob King. “There was some grease in the kitchen that I’m sure dated back to the Sidney’s era,” says Joseph Clark, who will be the executive chef of the new restaurant; his sous chef will be Crystal Cherry Powell, a friend of Clark’s since high school.

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