Celina Tio opens Collection tonight, despite snow and rain

  • Celina Tio’s Collection will offer a special $5 First Friday menu at Collection tomorrow.

Ignore the bright-yellow Kansas City Cafe sign still hanging on the side of the red-brick building at 1532 Grand.

“That was supposed to come down yesterday,” says restaurateur Celina Tio with a sigh. “I may get on the ladder and take it down myself.”

Kansas City Cafe is now officially gone. Tio purchased the two-story building and has been serving her own lunch menu for weeks. But this is the true opening weekend for Collection, her newest project since opening her Brookside boite, Julian, in 2009. The gloomy weather – rain and snow, notorious for keeping even the most loyal restaurant patrons at home – isn’t ruining Tio’s upbeat mood. Collection is finally open for business.

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