Boulevard’s BBQ worth the wait?

Yesterday I finally tried Boulevard’s latest Smokestack release, the Bourbon Barrel Quad  (BBQ for short). The BBQ was originally scheduled to be released right after the Brett-Saison in October. That released was pushed back until it finally arrived last week in liquor stores — where it disappeared quickly.

I visited several liquor stores trying to find it, and they all said they’d received a couple of cases at most. “At first we only got the one case and the employees bought all that,” grumbled the manager of a store on State Line.

Expectations are high for any new Boulevard product. The fact that the BBQ costs a premium — anywhere from $13 to $15 dollars for 750 ml — yet sold out its first run speaks to Boulevard’s reputation in this town.

I finally managed to nab a couple of bottles, and since my doctor says it’s not healthy to drink alone I invited a few people for an oldifashioned tasting.

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