Boulevard makes beers official

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If brewmaster Steven Pauwels’ words weren’t enough, Boulevard Brewery’s director of marketing Jeremy Ragonese has confirmed with Beer News the release of the brewery’s witbier Two Jokers along with the other two seasonals discussed on Fat City last week.

The current Boulevard seasonal Irish Ale (which just tied for best Irish ale above yes, Murphy’s, according to a taste test by the Des Moines Register) was paired with the last Smokestack release, Imperial Stout. Ragonese said each of the new Smokestacks would be timed to one of Boulevard’s regular seasonal releases — for example, Two Jokers is coming out alongside Zon.

The fall seasonal is the dark amber Bob’s 47 and the winter seasonal is Nutcracker Ale. Pauwels said that Boulevard is doing a new batch of bourbon barrel quadruple (BBQ), which looks as if it will be pared with one of those two. If KC Beer Blog’s inside source is correct (and it always has been) the company is releasing a dopplebock with Bob’s 47 this fall which would make BBQ the winter Smokestack seasonal.

Fans of the four original Smokestack beers — Sixth Glass, Long Strange Tripel, Saison and Double-Wide IPA — need not worry. Ragonese confirmed they would remain year-round. Lastly, even though its release on draft is less than a month away, the Brett-Saison bastard child currently nicknamed Tank 7 still does not have an official name. After calling it Tank 7 for the last two weeks the name has grown on me and I for one am hoping they keep it.

Hat tip to Wort Hog.

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