Your future kitchen

Get ready for the locavore movement to move right on into your house. The Daily Mail looks at how future home cooks will use biospheres to raise everything from their own seafood to their own produce.

The biosphere farm from Philips (the company that might have made your television) is a series of stacked compartments that act in a symbiotic fashion. The plants produce oxygen for the tank of fish beneath them. Shrimp in the tank clean up the fish waste and are also edible. The power source would be food waste from the kitchen and the natural byproduct of hydrogen could also be a fuel source.

The biosphere farm is one of three food suggestions that came out of the Philips Design probe program, which studies current cultural trends in an effort to anticipate the needs of society in the future and design products that meet those needs. In essence this is a design team charged with envisioning what society will require in 2030. It’s a slightly more practical approach than Disney World’s House of the Future.

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