You need a candy strategy

​The economy is going to affect the depth of candy bowls this year.

Time magazine notes that a recent study by the National Retail Federation showed that people will be spending an average of $56.31 for the holiday. That’s $10.23 less than last year. And of that, 46.5 percent of the people surveyed are planning to cut back on candy.

But The Chicago Tribune asserts that people don’t have to worry about ending up with an empty pillow case: 

The retail federation survey shows 93.7 percent of respondents plan to buy candy this Halloween — nearly 600 million pounds of it, according to the Nielsen Co. Nielsen said that while consumers traditionally wait until the last minute to get a better deal, they still choose name brand candy over store brand candy 95 percent of the time.

I recommend a new mantra: Skip the fun size and head straight for the full-size bars.

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