Yes, we have a podcast now because we have a bit of time on our hands

Streetwise For Podcast

We used to have a podcast called City Rag that was hosted by former editor David Hudnall. Everyone really enjoyed those episodes and decided to restart the podcast. Brock Wilbur, our new editor, is hosting. New episodes go up every other Friday. Or maybe every Friday. We’ve all got some time on our hands.

Streetwise is the name of the new show. Each episode features news updates from the city, reading of feature articles from our magazine, local music, and interviews. Maybe we’ll start doing game shows. Maybe the mayor is gonna start joining. Maybe you’ll be on it. We’re really winging it.

First episode is now live.

You can subscribe to the show via iTunes or Google Play or Spotify or PlayerFM or stream episodes directly from our website. Hope you enjoy!

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