Women-led Etheria Film Festival to thrill us with Screenland Armour residency


A scene from The Gray, directed by Myra Aquino. // Courtesy Etheria Film Festival

If there’s anything that can pull us out of these hot, post-pandemic doldrums, it’s some edge-of-your-seat scary time.

Science-fiction and horror fans will be pleased to know that Screenland Armour Theatre is hosting the 2021 Etheria Film Festival Saturday, June 26. This year’s lineup features nine short films from around the world, with Switzerland, France, the United States, Spain, and the U.K. all bringing the thrills.

All films, including Kelsey Bollig’s nail-biter The Fourth Wall and Anna Chazelle’s post-apocalyptic Narrow, are directed by women. Adam Roberts, Screenland Armour’s co-operator and owner, says he’s excited to showcase emerging voices on the silver screen.

“The Screenland Armour Theatre and the Kansas City genre fans have been so welcoming to Etheria and our filmmakers,” says Festival Director Stacy Pippi Hammon. “We can’t wait to see how they react to this year’s amazing selections.”

Here’s the full lineup for 2021:

Directed by Kelsey Bollig (11:30 min) (Horror) (Switzerland/France)
Chloé fights for her moment in the spotlight. How far will she go to upstage the annoying actors with whom she is forced to perform Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’?

Directed by Anna Chazelle (10 min) (Sci-Fi/Horror) (USA)
In a post-apocalyptic world where survival means never stepping off a thin narrow path, a lone woman must evade a creature that stalks her every move.

Directed by Mónica Mateo (13:30) (Sci-Fi/Horror) (Spain)
After Ana and David say goodbye like any other day, something extraordinary happens that alters reality.

Directed by Katy Erin (7:30 min) (Sci-Fi) (USA)
A physicist travels back in time to try to save her relationship – and in turn, the world.

Directed by Ciani Rey Walker (18 min) (Thriller) (USA)
When they learn their friend has kidnapped a cop on the night of MLK Jr.’s assassination, two sisters and leaders of the Black Panther Party must set aside their differences to navigate one of the most turbulent nights in history.

Directed by Myra Aquino (9:30 min) (Fantasy) (USA)
A former cop works in purgatory and processes people going to heaven and hell. One day, his 20-year-old son appears.

Directed by Silvia Conesa (11 min) (Sci-Fi) (Spain)
In the year 2065, a man enters an old holographic sex booth intending to take a nap, but he accidentally activates the sex hologram.

Directed by Aislinn Clarke (2:30 min) (Horror) (U.K.)
A woman regrets attending a free eye exam when she begins to suspect that her optometrist has nefarious intentions.

Directed by Astrid Thorvaldsen (23 min) (Horror/Western) (U.K.)
When a stranger appears on their prairie in 1880 Minnesota, Ingrid invites him in to heal her dying sister, but she doesn’t realize that a supernatural force is crossing her threshold.

Find ticket information here by pressing ‘buy’ at the bottom of the page. Fend off any heebie-jeebies with extra buttered popcorn.

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