Will powdered doughnuts save humankind?

Leave it to Ashton Kutcher’s younger brother to figure out how to get solar power from doughnuts. (Not really his younger brother but admit it — the resemblance and smug smile is uncanny.)

The scientist is actually a graduate student at Notre Dame who recognized that the white powder on powdered sugar doughnut holes contains a lot of titanium dioxide (TiO2), a common coloring agent for food.

By scraping the powder off of several doughnuts and going through several steps, he is able to generate a solar electricity field. But not until you add some tea from Starbucks (passion fruit work best) to complete the circuit.

Unfortunately, it’s not such an easy process that you can buy some powdered doughnuts and be solar powering your house the next day. But it does make the technology seem accessible.

The only problem is that titanium dioxide is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

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