Who is your go-to butcher in Kansas City?

The smoker in front of McGonigle’s is the smoked-meat equivalent of a tractor beam. I’m not even hungry and I’m suddenly craving pulled pork. The butcher shop in the family-owned grocery store at 1307 West 79th Street also knows what they’re doing (who else puts bacon into the hamburger patties?), and that’s why they’re the meat provider for the Westport Flea Market (which many will swear has the world’s best burgers).

The second best enticement for entry is at Bichelmeyer Meats (704 Cheyenne Avenue), where you can eat street tacos with the drippings running down your fingers as you sit on your back bumper in the parking lot. The Kansas City, Kansas, butcher shop also caters to the competition barbecue set and has one of the few area processing sites you can actually tour.

When it’s time to visit a butcher, which one tips the scales for you?

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