Whiskey with a pickle chaser: Embrace it

Jameson and Vlasic — two great tastes that taste great together? It sounds like a dare: Take a shot of Irish whiskey and chase it with pickle juice. But the Pickleback is no dare — it’s the only green-themed drink I’ll even consider downing tomorrow.

I hadn’t heard of the pickleback until reading Jason Wilson’s piece in The Washington Post last week. In an article that extols the virtues of Irish whiskey, he writes:

A Pickleback is simply awesome. Brine and whiskey make one of those mysteriously wonderful combinations, and it doesn’t hurt that pickle juice is second to none in preventing dehydration (thus helping to stave off the post-St. Paddy’s Day hangover).

Awesome hangover killer? That’s a strong endorsement. Before I committed to it for tomorrow, though, I had to try it. 

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