What food or drink can cure a broken heart?

  • Flickr: Bianca Moraes
  • Maybe a scone and some Downton Abbey?

In the movies, a brokenhearted woman sits watching a black-and-white classic while eating her way through a half-gallon of ice cream. The spoon is somehow just scraping the bottom at the moment the camera pans to her. She might sadly savor the last bit, remembering the love she just lost, and then drop the spoon in the empty container.

In reality, breakups are a lot more messy. At the very least, there’s going to be melted ice cream on your sweatshirt. At the worst, that’s not ice cream; it’s the remnants of a series of mudslides. Food & Wine has an entertaining list of the top 10 breakup foods. Whiskey is the highest rated heart mender. Personally, I’d save whiskey for colds and daily drinking. What food or drink do you embrace when a fellow human hurts your heart?

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