Well that didn’t take long. FDA clears stevia.

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If it seems like only yesterday that I wrote about the forthcoming FDA ruling on stevia, and today the FDA made its decision.

Ladies and gentleman, stevia is safe.

Not that it mattered much for Coke — which released its stevia-based drinks think week — but the ruling did have an impact on Pepsi, which was holding off on shipping stevia-flavored Sobe.

Pepsi says it will release the Sobe next week. Pepsi’s stevia-based sweetener is called PureVia, while Coke uses Truvia.

Now the only thing holding stevia back is its price. Since it’s made from an herb and has to be harvested, it costs a bit more than other sweeteners (three times more than Splenda, according to the Wall Street Journal).
Owen Morris

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