We’ll still have scallops during the apocalypse

Chalk up one food win for global warming — it’s apparently producing large and abundant scallops off the coast of Britain.

A study published in Marine Biology noted an increase in the great scallop Pecten maximus over the course of 20 years of research by scientists at Bangor University and the University of York and Liverpool in England. 

“It’s great to provide some good news about one of our fisheries for a change. However, scallop fisheries are difficult to manage and have a history of boom and bust around the world. We must ensure this valuable resource is fished in a way that maximises yields and reproduction to ensure healthy stocks in the future.”

And so even as scientists are glad to have found that scallops will remain abundant in the near future, they’re concerned that poor fishing habits and a desire to profit from the increased population will ultimately have negative effects.

It’s a delicate balancing act across the European Union as issues of sustainability and economics are coming into conflict.

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