Well Shit.

Hand Turns A Dice And Changes The Expression "sars Virus" To "corona Virus".

This is a letter from the editor of The Pitch, Brock Wilbur.

I’m just gonna be straight with you guys: this sucks shit. We’re all in the middle of it and I don’t have answers. I have hundreds of hours of research over the last few weeks and a real dedication to trying to provide everyone around me with the best possible information that I can. That will still be my goal, as it is the goal of everyone at this publication. We’re here to serve you. And, to be honest, we don’t want to die either. Sorry if that’s selfish.

Today, the Mayor of Kansas City declared a state of emergency.

More details from the Mayor are available here.

So here’s the plan from us at The Pitch. We’re gonna keep working as hard as we can to serve you. We’ve been doing this for 40 years and I swear to god it isn’t gonna fall apart under my watch. But also, we published an interview this morning about and event tonight, and within an hour of publication the event had already been cancelled, and that’s shown us that some of what we’re doing is just not gonna pan out the way it was supposed to for a while.

Similarly, concert and event coverage is my absolute favorite thing to do in the world. Our COO walked into my office this morning and told me an event was cancelled, and I shouted “FUCK” at him so hard that he hid in his office for a bit. That was the right call, on his part.

If the virus doesn’t get me, I’m gonna die from a heart attack from anger issues at 35. Fitting, honestly.

The Pitch is here to be the absolute best service that we can be to our community. Not even the extended idea of the community, but directly to our friends and neighbors. Our writers and employees care more about this city than I have ever cared about anything. I am constantly in awe of the dedication, love, and joy that each member of our team brings to the job every day.

And that’s what we’re going to continue to provide.

The Pitch is going to cover major novel coronavirus news. We’ll let you know about the big stuff happening when it really matters. But we’re going to strive to be what we’ve always been: a place that celebrates communities and individuals within this city. I’m still going to keep writing up ridiculous stories about what online theme song competitions for furniture stores we should be voting in. Our team is going to keep reviewing albums and movies and talking to the goddamned best weirdos that this city has to offer.

What does Tinder dating in our city look like during a plague? We’re working on that story right now.

Point being: we’re going to be here for you through this. Holy shit, is it ever a bummer across the board, and we all know it is getting worse before it is getting better. Whether you think this is medically horrifying or you think this is overblown yet the effects are still touching your life, we’re here to help you through that. We’re going to try to keep everything focused within a big picture. We want to provide positive, good stories that can give you a distraction from the Book of Revelations playing out in the metro area. But we’re gonna keep doing the journalism we’ve won awards for. I assure you, I’m already annoying all the local law enforcement and scientists with my questions.

In the bottom right corner of every page on this site is a button where you can choose to donate to keep The Pitch alive. I never push for shit like this, but with how this is going to be affecting our sponsors for the foreseeable future, without some direct help from y’all, we might not be around. So if you can toss a few bucks our way, I promise we will keep providing you with as much love and stories and news and joy as we possibly can.

I hate this. I hate this fear and uncertainty, and I hate how quickly this changes how we’re going to live our day to day lives for the foreseeable future. I assume you feel the uncertainty and some degree of the anger that I feel. So this is my pact that we will do this together. On behalf of the entire team, we’re gonna do our best to give Kansas City our absolute best during a time when we all need it. There are stories we’re assigning to some of our top people today that I, personally, cannot wait to read because I need to know the answers too.

Support us if you can. If you can’t, we’re part of your world and we’re here online and in print to give you, for free, all of our neighborly love.

I’m sorry that we’re here. I’m sorry that this is happening. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know brock@thepitchkc.com 

We will make it through this together. We will all do our best. We will always be here for you.

Brock Wilbur
The Pitch

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