Weep, ladies: Edward Sebelius is off the market

Thanks to this weekend’s “Weddings and Celebrations” section of The New York Times, we learned that Edward Sebelius, Kathleen Sebelilus‘ 28-year-old son, wed Lisa Rockefeller, also 28, last Saturday in Boca Grande, Florida. (Feel free to make “Big Mouth, Florida” jokes at this time.)

The pair met while working in Iowa on Sen. John Kerrys ill-fated presidential campaign in October 2003.

Edward Sebelius, whose father is K. Gary Sebelius, a federal magistrate judge in Topeka, Kansas, graduated from Georgetown with a law degree and has a master’s in public administration from Harvard. He’s joining the Ropes & Gray law firm in Boston in January.

The bride, who graduated from Princeton and has an MBA from Dartmouth, will be keeping her last name, according to the NYT story. Rockefeller is related to William A. Rockefeller Jr., who founded the Standard Oil Company with his brother, John D. Rockefeller.

For Lisa, becoming a Sebelius, while perfectly respectable, just wouldn’t have the same cache.

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