Video: Nouvelle Vague, “Ça plane pour moi”

Nouvelle Vague have become well-known in the music world for their enchanting bossa nova records Nouvelle Vague and Bande à Part, wherein they cover popular songs of the new wave era, with a rotating cast of mostly unknown singers, mostly female. As a matter of fact, it’s only on Bande à Part‘s cover of “Heart of Glass” that a man sings — doing a song originally sung by a woman. Clever, no?

The production duo’s newest album is entitled 3, and is a departure. While still doing covers, the act now features guest artists, and the focus is not on the bossa nova style, but on American roots music, like country and bluegrass. Check it out below in a live performance featuring Jenia Lubitch on Plastic Betrand‘s “Ça plane pour moi” (which is exactly the same song as “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”).

ça plane pour moi, performed by Jenia Lubitch

Nouvelle Vague | MySpace Video

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