Utility scammers in Kansas City find new angle amid recent outages

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Photo by Bermix Studio

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is warning customers to be aware of utility scammers ordering payment or else services will be terminated.

Multiple reports have been made about calls stating if payment is not made services will be shut off within 30 minutes. The scammers claim to represent a local utility company using caller ID spoofing to trick victims.

Scammers are taking advantage of people after a rough couple of weeks. Recently residents of Professional Building Lofts were displaced after power outages on February 20.

“The availability of natural gas as a fuel becomes constrained because everybody is trying to access it all at the same time,” Evergy Senior Vice President Chuck Caisley says.

Caisley says Evergy will work with regulators so customers do not experience a price spike. Scammers could try to request a high price by blaming the recent power outages.

BPU says payments are never requested over the phone. The board advises to never give credit, debit, social security, ATM, or checking and savings account numbers to anyone who calls, texts, emails, or comes to your door.

Ways to verify a personal information request include asking to see company identification or calling the BPU customer service department at 913-573-9190. The board says to be suspicious if an email is received regarding a utility bill if online communication was not requested from BPU. Never provide personal information via email or click any suspicious attachments or links.

Also, like, go F yourself if you’re using the recent outages to prey upon people at risk. It’s a shit thing to do in normal times. During pandemic and winter, you’re tripling down on being a real ass.

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