Two nights on the road with Classless Act

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Classless Act at Valley Bar. // Photo by Chris Ortiz

Imagine you are in a brand new band in 2019, ready to go with a few rockin’ songs, and are looking to jump on a few tours. The pandemic hits. You have to sit and wait and hope you’re not forgotten, with the uncertainty that you’ll ever be able to hit the road.

With the start of 2022, you get a chance to hit it hard in support of a new album. You tour for what seems like an eternity with mainstream rock icons and come out one last time on your own solo-headlining tour just to put a cherry on top.

That is exactly what the guys from Classless Act did. They came through the metro three separate times this past year, playing at the recordBar, Kauffman Stadium, and then finishing up at Lucia in Lawrence. I guess that’s what you do when your debut album features Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.

After missing the first show at the recordBar with Dorothy, I managed to catch them opening up the Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

With this being my first exposure to the band, I was eager to cover them when they were at a much smaller venue. The band performed for a crowd of 20 people with the same explosive stadium rock energy they exuded at The K.

Classless Act at Lucia

But with a non-stop, 102 shows (being with Dorothy, Stadium Tour, the Aftershock Festival, Giovani, and their own headlining shows, all-in-all equating to about 7 months on the road) this past year, I had to see if there this amount of energy, the quality of playing, and of the flash and showmanship could last. Yes, the show in Lawrence was on December 21, but with a few shows left on the year, I had to see one more. It just so happened that one of the shows that they were playing, a show down at the Valley Bar in Phoenix, Arizona, was during the same time that I would be in that area. This show would be almost like a “home concert” for the band, with them hailing Los Angeles, only six hours away.

That night, I was able to observe what was left of the raw talent and energy that they had brought the previous two shows. Now, with a slightly bigger venue, with about 70 people in attendance (with a much lower ceiling and a barricade going down the middle of venue from the sound board to the stage to separate those who were over and under the age of 21), the energy was there, but also not. One can assume that the show that was one of the last of the year for the band, being on December 29, and with still two more shows to go, the band was most likely feeling the strains of the road.

It was most likely the barricade that stopped Mr. Day from jumping into the crowd that night, or it might have been the much older crowd (most likely getting their first taste of the band from when they went to the Stadium Tour in the suburb of Glendale), all decked out in “Classless Act” merchandise that they wore coming into the venue, that forced him to tone down the energy. Yet whatever it was, the stage presence for the band was a bit more subdued that night.

All three shows produced the same thing, a high energy and fun. With the band’s 2022 Welcome to the Show release (also in an acoustic format that was released six months later) and the recent announcement that the band will be featured on the upcoming release of the video game Rock Band, and another full year of touring in 2023 (cities and dates yet to be announced), I would highly recommend anyone to go see these guys live. They put on one of the most entertaining shows that I have seen, with all of the energy and class that anyone would hope for or expect. And to boot, every one of the band members are friendly and adore their fans; willing to say “hi,” talk, and take photos if given the chance.

Classless Act at Valley Bar

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