Two bikers plead guilty to meth conspiracy

This might shock you to learn, but we at The Pitch cannot neglect our duty to report the news — even on Monday mornings. So here goes: Some bikers do meth. Gasp!

Eric G. “Little Eric” Burkitt, 25, and Robert E. Stewart, 52, both of Kansas City pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine over a five year period beginning in 2002. Both men admitted membership to the El Forastero Motorcycle Club, a hardcore brand of motorcycle outlaws called 1 percenters.

Burkitt and Stewart both admitted to raising funds, procuring and

distributing methamphetamine during parties, called “runs.” According

to charging documents provided by US Attorney Matt Whitworth’s office,

each run had around an ounce of the white stuff.

Burkitt was tapped as an up-and-comer with the potential to lead the El Forasteros one day in former Pitch writer Bryan Noonan‘s 2005 story on KC motorcycle clubs. Burkitt was timid around women at the time, hadn’t gotten his patch yet, and had just gotten in a pretty severe accident.

Apparently, he got over that timidness. According to Case.Net, Burkitt has charges pending in Jackson County for two counts of forcible sodomy, forcible rape, two counts of third-degree assault, and first-degree sexual misconduct.

By not going to trial, each man reduced his mandatory minimum sentence from 10 years to 5, and the maximum sentence from life in prison to 40 years. The men will be sentenced once the United States Probation Office wraps up its presentence investigation.

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