Trust Women Foundation bought former Tiller clinic to reopen it

  • Tiller’s clinic will reopen.

The abortion clinic formerly operated by the late Dr. George Tiller will reopen as a women’s and children’s health clinic where a Wichita nonprofit intends to offer abortion services.

The Associated Press reports that the Trust Women Foundation Inc. purchased the shuttered clinic last month. Executive Director Julia Burkhart explained that the new clinic will not perform late-term abortions but will conduct procedures earlier in a woman’s pregnancy. [In November of last year, The Pitch’s Justin Kendall looked at the charged atmosphere over abortion in Kansas based on the state’s dogged pursuit of Ann Kristin Neuhaus, a doctor who had provided second-opinion mental-health exams to Tiller’s patients seeking late-term abortions.]

The facility has been closed since Tiller was murdered by Scott Roeder in May 2009. Trust Women is looking to open the clinic between November and January of 2013.

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