Trabon Group pivots to new business as face shield manufacturer

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Employees of USA Shields. // Photo by Tony Trabon

Tony Trabon of local business the Trabon Group was in the business of printing restaurant menus. Since restaurants are (at best) curbside order only right now, he was looking for a way to prevent furloughing or laying-off a hundred employees.

So. They changed their business. Now known as USA Shields, they are using Trabon’s printing facilities to produce face shields. In the first nine days, 50,285 units have shipped across the US, and orders begin partial fulfillment as soon as 3-5 days out from order. 

Such is the reinvention that is required to keep in business right now, as so many of us know. But what an incredibly necessary contribution to society during coronavirus.

I reached out to Tony Trabon for a comment and to ask how folks can support their work:

We are a printing company that overnight retooled to produce face shields, which has created obstacles our team has had to overcome in an incredibly fast-moving news cycle and economy. Some of our associates have been with the company for 25+ years and are working difficult shifts with tedious work, but are more dedicated now than ever to keep our company engaged in the economy.

Our goal is to continue providing desperately needed PPE. The best way for anyone to support us is to connect us with those in need of face shields so that we can continue playing our part in the delicate supply chain we are seeing across the country. 

Contact USA Face Shields at

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